GHR Labs & Research Center


Research Expertise

GHR Labs and Research Centre, Nagpur India aims to promote research in various trends of engineering, science and management and the innovations in established and newer technologies. Through which the need of requirement the Masters and Doctoral degree candidates along with post doctoral and interdisciplinary research in engineering, technology and science can be fulfilled with a flavor of research experience. It also aims to undertake, promote, study of global developments and evaluate new instruments, services, facilities and disseminate their applications to provide offer fellowship, scholarship, prizes, certificates, diplomas, awards honour in various disciplines of education in India and abroad

GHR Labs and Research Center extends the extensive research infrastructure and facilities in the areas of

  1. Food Processing & Testing
  2. Engineering, Technology.
  3. Science
  4. Management Market Research.
  5. Environmental Studies.
  6. Pharmacy.
  7. Nano Technology.
  8. Interdisciplinary Sciences & Technologies.